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Council of Elders

A distinguished and reserved group, the “Council of Elders” serves as an advisory board to the Mooney Caravan. Its members include the only two individuals to complete every Caravan to date (marked by *). One candidate for admission is nominated each year.  Membership is earned by successfully serving as a formation Caravan Lead.

  • 2012:  Rob “Slick” Higgins
  • 2013:  Darwin “Hot Dog” Puls
  • 2014:  Dave “Raptor” Piehler*
  • 2015:  James “Pepper” Oliphant* 
  • 2016   Chuck “Cowboy” Crinnian
  • 2017:  Larry “Joker” Brennan
  • 2018:  Chris “Toro” Shopperly
  • 2019:  Nominee: Adam “Sled” Carney

Rookie of the Year

Caravan leadership has recognized a first-time Caravan'er who, through their efforts, flying skills, and /or enthusiasm, has earned coveted ROY recognition and "Alpha2" slot in this year's Caravan line-up. The following pilots have been so recognized. 

  • 2013:  Phil "Buzz" Verghese
  • 2014:  Bucko "Sandman" Strehlow
  • 2015:  Janet "Snoopy" Denton
  • 2016:  Dallas "Puddles" Ashley
  • 2017:  Mike "Polecat " Reed
  • 2018:  Pia Bergqvist

Mooney Caravan Leadership
  • President:  Chuck “Cowboy” Crinnian, chiefpilot_at_aviationdoc.net
  • Vice President: Bret “Whitey” Lowell, bilowell_at_raytheon.com
  • Treasurer: Robert “Hoser” Davis, rdaviscpa_at_hotmail.com
  • FAA Liaison and Secretary: Dave “Raptor” Piehler, davep_at_aviating.com
  • Flight Operations Director: Bucko “Sandman” Strehlow, bucko.strehlow_at_gmail.com
  • Board Member, Sponsorship Chairman:  Wayne "Gorilla" Morris, wayne_at_heargearok.com
  • Board Member: Adam “Sled” Carney, adam_at_mooney8wm.com
  • Board Member, Webmeister: Paul “Rocket” Steen, psteen_at_gmail.com
  • Board Member, Chief Experience Officer: Janet “Snoopy” Denton, shefliesairplanes_at_gmail.com 
  • Board Member: Kevin “KP” Paul, kpaul4603_at_gmail.com
  • Board Member, Past President: Larry “Joker” Brennan, larry_at_lawrencebrennan.com
  • Board Member, Chris "Toro" Shopperly, chris_at_southridgepetro.com
  • Apparel Coordinator: James “Pepper” Oliphant, caravanorders_at_sbcglobal.net
  • MSN FBO/MSN Local Arrangements: Jason “Wojo” Wojteczko, jasonwojo_at_msn.com
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Jun 26, 2018, 7:35 PM