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The Mooney Caravan first flew in 1998 as a means for fellow Mooney pilots to camp together in the North 40 during AirVenture Oshkosh (see history). The event grew over the years with a peak of 97 aircraft participating in 2000. In 2009, Caravan organizers made the decision to overhaul the organization and flight format to improve the safety and quality of the mass flight into Oshkosh. 

Our organization is dedicated to facilitating a safe and enjoyable formation mass arrival flight into AirVenture Oshkosh each year, as well as developing opportunities throughout the year to get together and fly our fantastic airplanes. Our participants share a strong sense of camaraderie and the friendship’s born via our common interests in aviation and Mooney aircraft span the continent and the entire year between Caravan flights. The enjoyment and enthusiasm which we all experience at AirVenture doesn’t wear off; we keep it going throughout the year! 

Please consider joining our community of active, dedicated and proficient Mooney pilots. In order to participate in the

Mooney Caravan flight, pilots will have demonstrated formation flight proficiency - preferably with prior formation-clinic attendance. Visit the training page for details about formation clinics.

On Final for Oshkosh

Mooney Caravan History

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Mooney Caravan Leadership
  • President:  Larry “Joker” Brennan, larry_at_lawrencebrennan.com
  • Vice President: Chuck “Cowboy” Crinnian, chiefpilot_at_aviationdoc.net
  • Treasurer: Robert “Hoser” Davis, rdaviscpa_at_hotmail.com
  • FAA Liaison and Secretary: Dave “Raptor” Piehler, davep_at_aviating.com
  • Flight Operations Director: Chuck “Cowboy” Crinnian, chiefpilot_at_aviationdoc.net
  • 1st Communications Director: Ashley "Meatloaf" Neboschick, flyboy1422_at_gmail.com
  • 2nd Communications Director: Maria "Buster" Neboschick, n9932s_at_gmail.com
  • MSN FBO/MSN Local Arrangements: Jason “Wojo” Wojteczko, jasonwojo_at_msn.com
  • Sponsor/Promotion Committee Chair:  Wayne "Gorilla" Morris, wayne_at_heargearok.com
  • Oshkosh Barbecue Meister: Bret “Whitey” Lowell, bilowell_at_raytheon.com
  • Apparel Coordinator: James “Pepper” Oliphant, caravanorders_at_sbcglobal.net
  • Board Member: Adam “Sled” Carney, adam_at_mooney8wm.com
  • Board Member, Webmeister: Paul “Rocket” Steen, psteen_at_gmail.com
  • Board Member, Finance: Robert “Hoser” Davis, rdaviscpa_at_hotmail.com
  • Board Member, Chief Experience Officer: Janet “Snoopy” Denton, shefliesairplanes_at_gmail.com 
  • Board Member: Jim “Goat” Rigoulot, jpr6353_at_comcast.net
  • Board Member: Bucko “Sandman” Strehlow, bucko.strehlow_at_gmail.com