Best Coast Flyers Formation Clinic


  • 2019 Mooney Caravan Best Coast Flyers Formation Clinic – Chino, CA (KCNO) – May 24 - 26, 2019
The Mooney Caravan’s oldest squadron invites you to an Oshkosh Practice Clinic in Chino, CA (KCNO) May 24 - 26, 2019.
Clinic Goals:  This clinic is intended for the purpose of qualifying Mooney pilots who are new to formation flying and who intend to fly with the 2019 Mooney Caravan to Oshkosh. All pilots must attend a formation clinic to meet the annual formation and/or proficiency training requirement to qualify to fly with the Mooney Caravan.  Please note that pilots who are registered for the caravan will have priority.
Caravan qualification: Mooney 2 ship, intro and basic proficiency (newbie)
Mooney 2-3 ship, recurrent training/proficiency.
Experienced and/or Carded formation pilots will be paired with new pilots to serve as safety pilots.

  • Larry “Joker” Brennan,, (213) 820-2702
  • Chris “Gizmo” McGough,, 
  • (951) 840-8056
  • Steve Blythe,, (949) 322-4397
Location:  ChIno, CA (KCNO)
         Encore Fuel Service FBO      (909) 597-6566
Guaranteed Lowest Full-Service Price (User code: “CDL”)

Airspace:  Numerous dedicated formation training areas with discrete TAC frequencies. All missions will be dispatched to assigned training areas by the Air Boss to ensure deconfliction and efficiency. 

Lodging:  Special arrangements have been made at...

Clinic Fee:  $ 


Payment:  Cash or check due at clinic registration. 

Homework:  Important items will be reviewed at the Basic Formation Ground School on Friday morning, but you need to have read the Guide(s) so that the information presented at the briefing will be familiar to you.
Download and read the Mooney Caravan Formation Guide prior to attending the clinic.
Download and read the FFI Formation Guideincluding the Mooney Supplement, found on FFI's website:
Watch the Mooney Caravan Ground Training video (filmed at an earlier San Marcos, TX KHYI Clinic).
**Note: If you have not read a Guide (Mooney or FFI) prior to attending the formation clinic, you may not fly in the clinic.**