Gunfighters Formation Clinic

  • 2019 Mooney Caravan Gunfighters Formation Clinic VIII – Yuma, AZ (KNYL) – January 31- February 03, 2019  
Plan to attend the eighth annual Gunfighters Formation Training and Proficiency Clinic in Yuma, AZ.  This is the premiere and longest running Mooney Caravan Formation Clinic.  Last year we had 35 aircraft.  This year we expect it to be even larger.  Situated in the scenic desert southwest, the winter climate attracts formation pilots from all areas of the continent. Perfect climate and flying conditions have been ordered for our event.   Now is the time to plan your formation education and training for the 2019 season. 

This is a joint formation clinic formulated for the Red Star Pilots Assn and the Mooney Caravan.  If you are an RPA pilot, this clinic is for you.  This is also an opportunity for Mooney Caravan pilots to get their formation proficiency and if desired work towards their FFI formation cards.  We would like and are planning on a sizable number of aircraft, both warbirds and Mooney aircraft to be involved.   Both organizations can grow and improve our formation skills together. 

This will be a multifaceted event with something for everyone and the opportunity to “step up your game”. Learn and improve your formation skills from well qualified pilots in a setting optimized for training efficiency and effectiveness.  Airshow type performances from F-35’s, AV-8’s, FA-18’s, and helo squadrons are a daily added bonus. 

Venue:  MCAS Yuma, Millionair FBO (KNYL).  Again, James “Curly” Combs the GM of Millionair extends his welcome to our group.  Excellent facility and staff with on- site café, briefing areas, and theater.   

Airspace:  Numerous dedicated formation training areas with discrete TAC freqs.  All missions will be dispatched to assigned training areas by the Air Boss/Deputy Air Boss to ensure deconfliction and efficiency. This year we are partnering with the Marine ATC staff to deliver more efficient and improved ATC services.   

Lodging:  Special arrangements have been made with the Holiday Inn for a blockbuster rate of $105/night, breakfast included.   There is an on-site bar and restaurant.  To make arrangements, please call the hotel directly at 928-782-9300 and ask for the Mooney Caravan rate.  The cut-off date for reservations at this special rate is 10 JAN 2019.  Do this now! 
Ground Transportation:  We will have limited use of the hotel shuttle.  Consider getting a Hertz rental car.  There is a Hertz outlet at the Millionair FBO. 
Training Tracks: 
  • Mooney 2 ship, intro and basic proficiency, newbie.  Caravan qualifications.
  • Mooney 2-3 ship, recurrent training/proficiency.
  • Mooney Advanced Formation training-work towards FFI card.
  • RPA/FAST training/proficiency 4-ship.  Includes Mooney and RPA aircraft (CJ-6, Yak, T-34)
  • RPA/FAST Rec rides and check rides.  Two RPA Check Pilots on site!
FAST and FFI/Mooney wingman ground school will be conducted on Thurs evening with dinner following. There is also a safety briefing and airspace orientation on Thursday evening.  Formation Safety Stand-down will be on Friday evening.  This safety seminar is a new approach to developing a safety based culture in the formation community. 

Clinic Fee:  $160.  This clinic fee includes:
atch and challenge coin)
Registration:  E-Mail Chuck “Cowboy” Crinnian at NLT: 02 JAN 2019 with the following: 
2. Aircraft type/N#
3. Cell Phone#, Home Base
4. Arrival Date
5. Your goals for the clinic
6. Confirm hotel registration
7. T-Shirt Size

Payment:  Cash or check due at clinic registration.  RPA pilots may use the on-line clinic sign-up on the RPA web site-but still notify Cowboy with the registration information requested above. Please register NLT: 02 JAN 2017 so we can get our shirts and bling ordered and on time! 

For returning attendees, remember to bring your challenge coins.  You may be very popular at the Holiday inn bar if you don’t! 

Don’t hesitate to email me [] with any questions or comments.  

This will be an event not to miss out on, take your formation flying skills to new levels and expand your aviation experience.  Register now so we can plan in advance your clinic details.  See the Gunfighters Formation Clinic page in Facebook. 

Homework: Important items will be reviewed at the Basic Formation Ground School on Friday morning, but you need to have read the Guide(s) so that the information presented at the briefing will be familiar to you. 
**Note: If you have not read a Guide (Mooney or FFI) prior to attending the formation clinic, you may not fly in the clinic.**

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