About Us

How Do We Do What We Do, And Who is Doing It?

Read this to learn how the Mooney Caravan to Oshkosh Educational and Safety Foundation, a section 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is organized.

Mooney Caravan Leadership

  • Mooney Caravan President: Chuck "Cowboy" Crinnian, chiefpilot_at_aviationdoc.net
  • Mooney Caravan Vice President: Brett "Whitey" Lowell, ikeanddee_at_yahoo.com
  • FAA Liaison and Secretary: Dave "Raptor" Piehler, davep_at_aviating.com
  • Mooney Caravan Treasurer: Robert "Hoser" Davis, rdavis_at_hotmail.com
  • Flight Operations Director: Bucko "Sandman" Strehlow, bucko.strehlow_at_gmail.com
  • Sponsor/Promotion Committee Chair/Board Member: Wayne "Gorilla" Morris, wayne_at_heargearok.com
  • Webmaster/Board Member: Paul "Rocket" Steen, psteen_at_gmail.com
  • Apparel Coordinator: James "Pepper" Oliphant, caravanorders_at_sbcglobal.net
  • Board Member: Chris "Toro" Shopperly: chris_at_southridgepetro.com
  • Board Member: Larry "Joker" Brennan: larry_at_lawrencebrennan.com
  • Board Member: Adam "Sled" Carney: adam_at_mooney8wm.com
  • Board Member: Kevin "KP" Paul: kpaul4603_at_gmail.com
  • MSN FBO/MSN Local Arrangements: Jason "Wojo" Wojteczko, jasonwojo_at_msn.com

Council of Elders

A distinguished and reserved group, the "Council of Elders" serves as an advisory board to the Mooney Caravan. It's members include the only two individuals to complete every Caravan to date (marked by *). One candidate for admission is nominated each year. Membership is earned by successfully serving as a formation Caravan Lead.

  • 2012: Rob "Slick" Higgins
  • 2013: Darwin "Hot Dog" Puls
  • 2014: Dave "Raptor" Piehler*
  • 2015: James "Pepper" Oliphant*
  • 2016: Chuck "Cowboy" Crinnian
  • 2017: Larry "Joker" Brennan
  • 2018: Chris "Toro" Shopperly
  • 2019: Adam "Sled" Carney
  • 2020: Nominee- Bucko "Sandman" Strehlow

Rookie of the Year

Caravan leadership has recognized a first-time Caravan'er who, through their efforts, flying skills, and/or enthusiasm, has earned coveted ROY recognition and the "Alpha-2" slot in this years Caravan line-up. The following pilots are so recognized:

  • 2013: Phil "Buzz" Verghese
  • 2014: Bucko "Sandman" Strehlow
  • 2015: Janet "Snoopy" Denton
  • 2016: Dallas "Puddles" Ashley
  • 2017: Mike "Polecat" Reed
  • 2018: Pia Bergqvist




1. CHARITABLE MISSION: The Mooney Caravan Educational and Safety Foundation (“Caravan”) is a Wisconsin non-stock, not for profit corporation recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt charitable organization under section 501(c)(3). Its mission is to promote the safe operation and enjoyment of Mooney aircraft. The Caravan (1) educates, (2) creates currency and proficiency opportunities, and (3) enhances the overall Mooney ownership experience through fun, camaraderie, and community. Formed in 1998, the Caravan is supported solely by volunteers and charitable contributions. No one receives any compensation from it, nor does any person or entity receive any value in exchange for any donation. Caravan books and records are published annually and available to the public on our website, www.mooneycaravan.com.

2. VALUES: The Caravan promotes close relationships among Mooney owners/pilots, Mooney International, and other charitable, non-profit support and educational groups. Members have a strong sense of belonging to an elite group of aviators, and strive to be the best Mooney pilot possible, appreciating the superior engineering and performance of Mooney aircraft. Members capitalize on the benefits of owning Mooney aircraft, and the opportunities provided by inclusion and cooperation.

3. STAFFING: The Caravan is governed by a Board of Directors (currently 12 members) elected annually who appoint corporate officers in accordance with the Caravan’s bylaws. The Caravan’s activities are made possible by the efforts of volunteers who donate time and resources; no one receives any benefit, fee or compensation for any services, although costs of Caravan operations advanced by a third party may be reimbursed.

4. ACTIVITIES: The Caravan conducts (1) an annual membership meeting at Airventure, (2) regional proficiency “clinics” throughout North America at which pilots practice with each other with coaching (no paid instruction occurs) among the most accomplished Mooney formation pilots in the world, (3) the annual “Mooney Caravan” mass arrival into Oshkosh, (4) the annual Mooney Owners Forum, and (5) an annual dinner at Oshkosh.

(A) ANNUAL CARAVAN MEETING: This annual event at EAA’s AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI, is an Annual opportunity for the Caravan participants, leadership, and interested Mooney parties to come together.

(B) REGIONAL CARAVAN CLINICS: Regional Clinics are where many enthusiastic Mooney owners proudly demonstrate Mooney advantages! These Regional Clinics provide opportunities (1) for Mooney pilots to demonstrate the required proficiency and currency for that year’s annual Caravan flight (2) socialize and attend educational presentations, and (3) heighten Mooney brand awareness and owner support. Additional “clinics” continue to supplement these primary events as needed around the USA and Canada.

(C) CARAVAN TO OSHKOSH: The mass arrival into Oshkosh provides all Mooney owners an opportunity to demonstrate proficiency and experience the world’s greatest aviation event as a participant, not a mere spectator. Besides the social activities before and after the mass arrival flight, qualified pilots may have an opportunity to fly above show central during the week, safely demonstrating Mooney pride, precision and performance to all attendees.

(D) ANNUAL MOONEY OWNERS FORUM: In its ninth year, this is now the largest single gathering of Mooney owners and pilots in the world, with more than 300 attendees in 2017. Mooniacs from around the world who attend the world’s largest airshow come to the Forum to meet each other, hear from Mooney experts, and learn what is happening in the world of Mooney.

(E) ANNUAL NORTH 40 OSHKOSH DINNER and ACTIVITIES: Long regarded as “the best dinner in the North 40,” the annual barbecue is open to Caravan attendees and guests, and each year sees hundreds of Mooney owners, pilots, enthusiasts and their families attending the annual AirVenture event, the world’s largest airshow and GA gathering.