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AirVenture Cancelled

Given the uncertainties of the behavior of the COVID-19 pandemic, EAA management has cancelled the 2020 AirVenture. This is unfortunate, but the correct action to take. Excellent Aviation Decision Making.

Thus, we are officially cancelling the Mooney Caravan to Oshkosh. For those of you that have registered and paid, we will be processing refunds back to your credit card account. Please do not request a refund from your credit card, that will add extra expense. We expect to have all the paid registrations refunded shortly.

We all can plan on AirVenture 2021 to take place. Everything that was planned for this year will be the same next year. The dates are 24 July [depart MSN] and AirVenture is 26 July through 1 Aug.

If you have reserved a hotel room at the Holiday Inn, remember to cancel that.

The Mooney Caravan is also cancelling any remaining formation clinics this summer. When the health officials and government leaders have determined that safe gatherings can take place we will work on scheduling some regional clinics for currency and training. In the mean time, use this pause to work on your aviation skills and be mindful of safe practices.

We all look forward to gathering again in Wisconsin next summer and having Mooney Lead "Sandman" take us into the worlds finest aviation event.

COVID-19 Update

The Mooney Caravan is focused on both the safety of flight as well as the health of our pilots and associates. As you know, the Covid-19 pandemic is a fluid situation and no predictions can be made at this time. Although AirVenture is still scheduled to occur, it is possible that it may be re-scheduled or cancelled. We will try to have the clinics currently scheduled to be organized, but only if they can be accomplished within the current CDC/State Health Dept guidelines. It is quite possible that the clinics will need to be rescheduled if the Covid-19 pandemic is not abated.

The Board of Directors of the Mooney Caravan is constantly evaluating the situation and will post announcements when we can start to have regional formation clinics organized. However, we will not sacrifice safety either in formation proficiency or our health. There will be challenges ahead for our organization, we as individuals, the aviation community, and our nations. We will be announcing any changes and new dates for clinics and our mission to AirVenture on this web site as well as the group e-mail.

The big question is will AirVenture take place. The EAA is planning on announcing their decision in mid May. The fly-in in Arlington WA was just cancelled and postponed to 2021. Everything depends on the natural history and behavior of the COVID-19 virus as well as how society and our medical experts mitigate and contain the virus.

If we get a signal from the EAA that AirVenture is going to happen, we then will go and plan on the regional clinics to be accomplished to prepare. If Airventure is cancelled, we will assess our formation clinic schedule and determine if they will proceed. Ideas for an alternative Mooney Caravan event are being floated around. We will keep you posted.

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Mooney Caravan

Changes with our Safety Program

Fellow Mooney Formators: In an unhappy turn of events, Slim had to sell her Mooney. She thoroughly enjoyed her involvement with the Mooney Caravan and hopes to soon be back up and flying again. In that vein, the reins for Caravan Safety have been passed to Andrew Soleimany, better known to you as "Sausage."

Sausage is a long time Mooney owner and Airline Transport Pilot with 4400 hrs in 60 different models, including 100 hrs of formation flight. In addition, he is a CFI with over 1000 hours of instruction given. Presently, Sausage flies the Embraer 175 with SkyWest Airlines where in addition to flying the line, he has also been a member of the company’s Flight Operations Safety Team, and a Line Operations Safety Auditor.

Prior to flying professionally, Sausage was a 16-yr experimental flight test engineer with The Boeing Company.

Sausage has been heavily involved with the Caravan since 2014 and recently stood up the Caravan's Northwest (Pacific and Mountain) Squadron. He has a wealth of aviation safety knowledge and will be bringing our Caravan organization into line with a more formal FAA-recognized safety program. A huge thank you to Sausage for taking the lead and for volunteering his valuable time to help the Caravan!

Expect some enhanced Safety Management System (SMS) education and programs in the near future. Sausage will be crafting a SMS for our formation flying as well as general non-formation flight activities.