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Mooney Caravan Leadership

Feel free to contact any officer or Squadron Leader for questions and concerns.

  • Mooney Caravan President: Chuck "Cowboy" Crinnian,
  • Mooney Caravan Vice President: Brit "Whitey" Lowell,
  • FAA Liaison and Secretary: Dave "Raptor" Piehler,
  • Flight Operations Director: Dave Bucko "Sandman" Strehlow,
  • Safety Officer: Andrew "Sausage" Soleimany,
  • MSN FBO/MSN Local Arrangements: Jason "Wojo" Wojteczko,
  • Sponsor/Promotion Committee Chair: Wayne "Gorilla" Morris,
  • Webmaster: Paul "Rocket" Steen,

Squadron Leaders

  • Gunfighter Squadron: Chuck "Cowboy" Crinnian,
  • Best Coast Squadron: Larry "Joker" Brennan:
  • Northwest-Pacific Squadron: Andrew "Sausage" Soleimany,
  • Texas Wing: Bucko "Sandman" Strehlow,
  • Flying Monkeys: James "Pepper" Oliphant,
  • Northern Flights Squadron: Terry "Top Eye" Schleisman,
  • Mid-Atlantic (MAG) Squadron: James "Goat" Rigoulot,