Formation Clinics-2020

Locate your nearest squadron and scroll below to find details on upcoming clinics. For specific questions, each Squadron Leader is listed on the contact us page. Feel free to email them with any questions.

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, dates may change or clinics may be cancelled. Use this pause in operations to study and review your formation education materials.

  • 2020 Mooney Caravan Texas Wing Formation Clinic – San Marcos, TX (KHYI) – Cancelled due to COVID-19 and cancellation of AirVenture

The 7th Annual Mooney Caravan Formation Flying Clinic is back at KHYI (San Marcos, TX) on Friday, June 12 to 14,, 2020.

The primary objective of the Clinic is to prepare new/ inexperienced formation pilots for participation in the Mooney Caravan to Oshkosh, and re-qualify previous participants for the 2020 Caravan.

The Clinic will focus on 2-ship basics: formation takeoff, fingertip station-keeping, route, cross-unders, close trail, and formation landing. "New to Formation" Pilots will fly with Safety Pilots and will be trained using Pre and Post flying briefings in your aircraft actual aircraft in actual conditions. Pilots with previous formation experience may be able to fly in 3 or 4 ship Elements, and will be trained to act as Element Leads for the Mooney Caravan Flight into Oshkosh.

  • 2020 Mooney Caravan Flying Monkeys Formation Clinic -- CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19
  • IF AirVenture is not cancelled, a regional "pop-up" clinic will be announced.

Join us for the Flying Monkeys Formation Clinic TBD at KICT in Wichita, KS! This event includes ground school, flights for pilots new to formation pilots, and time for experienced formation pilots to practice their techniques.

  • 2020 Mooney Caravan Pacific & Mountain Northwest Formation Clinic – Pendleton, OR (KPDT) – CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19. NO BACK UP DATE IS PLANNED.

Join the Northwest Mooney Caravan Formation Clinic, hosted in Pendleton Oregon May 14-17, 2020! This clinic is intended for the purpose of qualifying Mooney pilots who are new to formation flying and who intend to fly with the 2020 Mooney Caravan to Oshkosh. All pilots must attend at least one formation clinic to meet the annual formation and/or proficiency training requirement to qualify to fly with the Mooney Caravan. Please note that pilots who are registered for the caravan will have priority. Experienced and/or Carded formation pilots will be paired with new pilots to serve as safety pilots.

  • 2020 Mooney Caravan Mid-Atlantic Wing Formation Clinic -- CANCELLED. No back up date set.

The Mid-Atlantic Formation Clinic will be held on May 15th through 17th at KHKY in Hickory, NC. Join MAG wing leader Jim "Goat" Rigoulot to learn and hone formation skills, and practice with new and experienced pilots. Registration closes on April 15 so sign up now!

  • 2020 Mooney Caravan Northern FLights Formation Clinic -- Bemidji, MN (KBJI) -- Cancelled due to COVID-19.

The newest wing of the Mooney Caravan, the Northern Flights, is planning their second annual formation clinic in Bemidji, MN on June 5-7.

Check out the more regional formation clinic opportunities offered by our Bonanza friends B2OSH!