Formation Education Resources

On this page are the materials you need to review and understand BEFORE arriving at a formation clinic. These materials describe formation flying principles, terminology, and techniques, as well as Mooney Caravan-specific procedures. You must have read and try to understand the information in these materials before you arrive at a clinic.

At some point at a clinic, you should ride as a passenger with an experienced Mooney Caravan formator, who will demonstrate these techniques and procedures in practice. At each clinic there are designated Mooney Caravan safety pilots to ride in your right seat and coach you on your application of these techniques and procedures. These designated Safety pilots are listed (by call sign) on this page.

Ground School Video

View the video below. It was recorded at an actual formation clinic in San Marcos Tx. This is required for all new formation pilot candidates to review prior to first clinic. It is suggested you "get your feet wet" and watch the video. Then, read and understand you materials on this page. Then, if needed, watch the video again and hopefully you are well underway with the basic understand of formation flying and are ready to attend a clinic.

FFI Formation Guide and Standard Procedures

FFI's mission is to promote and support safe, standards-based formation flying at airshows or Aviation Events that operate under a Certificate of Waiver. FFI is a Recognized Industry Organization accredited by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to evaluate pilots seking credentials to fly formation in such airspace. The Guide is a clinic study guide and standardization tool.


Mooney Aircraft Formation Guideline/Standards-FFI rev. 15

These are the standards that we train to and fly. Know this. Covers both basic levels needed for Caravan to OSH participation as well as advanced maneuvers for obtaining FFI/FAST certification.

This document should be used in conjuction with the FFI Formation Guide above.

Mooney FFI Supplement (Rev 15 - 20 JAN 2020).pdf

GO/NO GO Decision Tool

Every Caravan flight is conducted using this Risk Assessment matrix. Your Safety Pilot will explain and demonstrate its use, but print and bring a copy with you and become familiar with its use.

Go-No Go Tool July 2016 V2.0.pdf

Briefing Card Download Tool

Every Caravan flight is briefed and debriefed using a written tool designated for that purpose. There are numerous forms that may be used. These are the standard the Mooney Caravan uses. Print several copies and keep in your flight bag.



Mooney Caravan Formation Proficiency Record "FPR" Wingman

This document allows you to record your formation flights, and review each flight with the designated Safety Pilot. That designated Safety pilot will also make any notes and initial the FPR. Print out this form prior to a clinic and do not loose it! This is your documentation that you have demonstrated recency and proficiency. If you cannot show you have demonstrated recency and proficiency, you will not be permitted to fly in the Caravan.

Wingman Formation Proficiency Record.pdf

Basic Formation Proficiency Levels

This document explains what the standards of proficiency and currency must be demonstrated for participation in a Mooney Caravan formation event. Every new formation pilot starts at "level 0"- a green circle. To participate in a Caravan, you must demonstrate proficiency to "Level 1"-blue square-to one of the designated Safety pilots identified in the Safety Pilot List.

Mooney Caravan Formation Training Levels.pdf

Designated Safety Pilots

Designated Safety Pilots (listed by call sign, current accreditation if any, and current Mooney type). These pilots have:

(1) demonstrated recency and proficiency in all of the required tasks listed under "Basic Safety Pilots" (double black diamond) in the Basic Formation Proficiency Levels Document.

(2) have been designated as Safety Pilots by Caravan Flight Operations.

Note: This list will vary as individual pilots become or remain qualified, proficient, and current. Every designated Safety Pilot is on this list.

Designated Safety Pilots.pdf

Before your first formation flying clinic....

Show up at the clinic having watched the video and read these materials. Write questions down and bring them, or call ahead and talk through your questions with a clinic lead or Safety Pilot. Everyone putting on a clinic is volunteering, so please respect their time. If you are not prepared, it will be immediately evident, and instead of flying, you will be reading. So please show up ready to brief.

Remember, at a clinic, YOU ARE PIC! The FAA has no "formation endorsement". The Caravan does not provide "formation training". And while some Safety Pilots are Certified Flight Instructors, many excellent and experienced Safety Pilots are not. YOU are responsible for your experience. Show up prepared, ready to learn new ideas, accepts critiques, and you will have the most fun you will ever have in your Mooney. Be advised, you may end up pursuing more advanced formation experience, and for some Mooney pilots, their Caravan experience launched them on a path to more advanced formation flying, including warbird flying and aerobatics.