California Formation Clinic - October 21 -23, 2016

Post date: Sep 9, 2016 1:50:12 PM

California Formation Clinic - October 21-23 in Visalia CA. Hosted by Wolfgang Polak and Hepcats, our Grumman brethren, this event is open to Mooneys and others. Some of you on the West Coast may already be in contact with Wolfgang for hotel and admin info.

We want to be good guests, so if you would like to go and are a newbie/want a safety, please contact Larry 'Joker' Brennan (n9201a-at-yahoo) who will help arrange Caravan safeties and can put you in touch with our host.

If this will be your first clinic, ensure before arriving you (1) read the Formation Guide basic section (pages 1-52) AND (2) watch the ground clinic video. Both resources are under the website's Training tab.