Go or No Go Matrix

Post date: May 11, 2018 9:45:15 PM

A tool for leads and wingmen has been added to the Lead & Safety Pilot page, a Go-No Go matrix. This matrix has been in use for the Caravan to Oshkosh for several years. It is strongly recommended that this tool be used in pre-flight planning at Mooney Caravan Training Clinics, your own formation practice, and cross country formations. As always, Leads need to assess their wingmen for their piloting skills and the environment that the mission is operating in. Just like the weather, pilot skills, currency, and abilities are always changing.

This tool will help assess the weather environment and will help assure a safely conducted flight. For cross-country missions, changing routes, airports, runways, or delay may be the decision the matrix can assist with mission planning. Weather is always in a state of change. Use this tool en route to assess any changes to the mission plan needs to be made for any deteriorating conditions at the destination.