Mooney Caravan Communications Officers

Post date: Jul 12, 2017 11:22:33 PM

Ashley "Meatloaf" Neboschick and his wife Maria Neboschick have been appointed Mooney Caravan Communication Officers. Ashley has been flying since before he could reach the rudder pedals with the help of “rudder reachers.” He is an Electrical Engineer, CFI-I, and has been actively participating in Mooney Caravan events around the country as well as Red Star events since 2016. Maria is Technical Writer, amateur photographer, and organizational wizard who is actively pursuing her pilot's license with the goal of flying formation in the Caravan. She is a regular volunteer for all things Mooney. Ashley and Maria plan on utilizing new methods of social media in order to promote Mooney Caravan news and events. This will broaden the Caravan's reach to Mooney enthusiasts worldwide, and simplify communications within the Caravan. By facilitating feedback between participants and leaders, they look to improve the Caravan experience for all Mooney Caravan members.