New Mooney Caravan Position-Chief Experience Officer "CXO"

Post date: May 6, 2016 7:18:43 PM

As the Mooney Caravan has continued to evolve and mature, there is a need for leadership to assure that all participants become engaged in our fantastic collection of flying and social events. Thus, following trends in successful large organizations, we have realized the need for a Chief Experience officer (CXO). A CXO is responsible for the overall experience of an organizations products and services.

Janet ‘Snoopy’ Denton has assumed the role of our CXO. Her duties are to spearhead our social functions both in the North 40 and at Madison so that all participants get maximum enjoyment and rewards by participating in the Mooney Caravan experience. The Mooney Caravan has matured into a collective experience that needs oversight and guidance so that all participants are engaged in our group functions. This is no small undertaking. The Caravan has become a year round set of regional functions as well as Airventure. The CXO will assure that all involved will have a maximized total Caravan experience both at Airventure and throughout the year.

Although our final schedule of activities have not been finalized, expect that there will be some new functions and activities that the Mooney Caravan will be undertaking this year. Everyone will be on the “Experience Team”. So expect a call from ‘Snoopy’ our CXO asking for your assistance in helping make the Mooney Caravan Great-Again!