The 4th Annual Mooney Caravan Formation Flying Clinic is back at KHYI on March 31 to April 2, 2017

Post date: Feb 14, 2017 4:31:34 PM

Come join the Texas Wing of the Mooney Caravan for a Formation Flying Clinic in San Marcos, TX at KHYI.

FBO: Redbird Skyport at KHYI: (512) 878-6670

Contact: Bucko Strehlow

8 Corby Lane

San Antonio, TX 78218

(210) 887-0144

Purpose: Train pilots to safely perform formation flying using classroom briefings and actual aircraft in actual conditions. The clinics provide a professional learning format, with pre and post flight briefings, along with skilled observer pilots helping to conduct the clinic and riding in the training aircraft.

The Mooney Caravan organization is dedicated to facilitating a safe and enjoyable formation mass arrival flight into AirVenture Oshkosh each year, as well as developing opportunities (such as these clinics) throughout the year to get together and fly our fantastic airplanes. Our participants share a strong sense of camaraderie and the friendship’s born via our common interests in aviation and Mooney aircraft, spanning the continent and the entire year between Oshkosh Caravan flights. The enjoyment and enthusiasm which we all experience at AirVenture doesn’t wear off; we keep it going throughout the year!

Why you should do it (Check all that may apply):

1. Because IT WILL BE A LOT OF FUN !!!

2. To learn new skills and make yourself a better pilot.

3. To be able to fly into Oshkosh in an organized group (with the Mooney Caravan), and with more safely than using the FISK arrival. (Note: this is totally optional. A lot of you may not even be going to KOSH this year, but this will hopefully plant the seed and you can join us in the future.)


Sign Up Deadline: Friday, March 17, 2017, which is two (2) weeks before the actual clinic. This is to allow us to get enough Observer/ Safety Pilots for the course. These pilots may be coming from California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas, and we need time to organize how many are required. Also, please note that attendance may be limited, so it is best to SIGN UP EARLY. Also, if Safety pilots are limited, some preference may be given to pilots planning to fly in this year's Caravan.

Cost: $ 100. This is due at Sign Up. This covers dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. It will also be used to buy beer and sodas for the dinners.

Hotel: Still deciding. (Negotiations on room rates are presently ongoing.) You will pay for your own hotel room, and are free to either stay with the group or to make your own arrangements. A list of participants will be provided about a week before each clinic so that you may make arrangements to share rooms, if you wish.

Transportation: You fly there and we will get you back and forth on the ground. Anyone getting a rental or having a personal car available would be appreciated and pressed into service.

Homework: Download and read the "Mooney Caravan Formation Guide" prior to attending the clinic. It can be downloaded from the website from a link in the "Training" section. Newbies: Watch the Video of the ground training (filmed at an earlier San Marcos/ KHYI Clinic) also in the training section of the website.

I know: there is a lot of information there. The important items will be reviewed at the Basic Formation Ground School on Friday morning, but you need to have read the Guide so that the information presented at the briefing will be somewhat familiar to you. Note: If you have not read the Guide prior to coming to the clinic, you may not fly in the clinic.

So, sign up if you are coming by sending your $ 100 to me at the above contact address, along with your email and phone information.

Also include your ratings (SEL, IFR, Comm'l, etc), approximate flying hours, Mooney Model, home base, and whether you'll be flying with the Caravan into KOSH this year or in the future.

If you are like me, I originally was going to go to Oshkosh years ago but was planning on landing at a satellite airfield because I did not enjoy the VFR/ FISK arrival. Having done multiple Formation Flying Clinics in Yuma, AZ, El Paso, TX, Kerrville, TX, and San Marcos, TX, I have now flown with the Mooney Caravan and arrived in style and safety for the past three (3) years.

Warning: This type of flying is very addicting: I have flown over 100 formation hours in 2016 alone, and almost 30 hours so far this year (2017) as part of multiple formation elements (2 ships, 3 ships, and 4 ships). Texas has a lot of people interested in this and a lot of opportunities abound to fly together.